Our Plan for Ministry

RV at Village

Upon entering a village we usually identfy the leader of the village and tell him we offer free Bibles to those who want them and that we will teach the people how to use the Bible and will show them a movie about the life of Jesus. We have always been well received and the people open their homes for us to show the “Jesus” movie and teach them how to use their new Bibles.

Bill Risley Teaching

The people of these villages accept the authority of the Bible and are very open to the Gospel. Most readily trust Christ as Savior and are excited at the prospect of studying our lessons and learning more about the love of Jesus Christ.

Group Studying

Our “Discipleship Lessons” teach new Christians about the person of God, the Deity of Christ, prayer, worship, service and the Christian life. Usually three or four families begin studying with us as a group after several lessons. As we study about prayer we begin praying for each other. When study about worship and begin singing hymns as part of the study. After a few weeks our studies begin to take on the form of a traditional service.

Training Leaders

As the studies continue we identify leaders and gradually give them more and more responsibilities in the study. After a while we become observers of the studies simply watching the leaders conduct the services and teaching the lessons.

RV Leaving Village

When the studies in the villages are self sufficient and operating on their own, we move on to a new village and begin the process again. Over the next months and years we continue to supply lessons to the village churches.

Example of a Lesson

We have developed thousands of pages of studies that are written at the level of Spanish that can be understood by the people in the villages. In the past we have tried purchasing commercially produced lessons and have found their Spanish too formal and thus unable to be understood by the people in our villages.